About TRIMIY Digital Agency

About TRIMIY Digital Agency

Our Story

At TRIMIY Digital Agency, we deeply believe that digital technology is like a power-tool that can unleash unexpected and undiscovered potential in people and organisations – big and small, young and old, digital native or not.

In whatever we do, we strive to bring this digital power to those who have yet to venture and experience it – from individuals with great ideas to small enterprises seeking to connect with many and established organisations seeking new niches to serve and better ways to work in a fast-changing digital world.

We work by being a reliable and trusted pal, agnostic to technological solutions and only bringing to the table solutions that what we think work best for those we serve and work with.

At the end of the day, we just want to see people and organisations venture far and be successful, doing what they do best. We are just happy to play that small part in their journey of harnessing the power of digital technology to be visible, impactful and agile.

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable pal as you venture into digital, TRIMIY Digital Agency is here for you.

Like it or not, going digital has to start with right people and partner

Avoid the trap of herd mentality, wastage of blind faith and regrets of late adoption of digital technology.

Our Value



We believe that honesty is the bedrock that builds long lasting trusts and great partnerships. In our journey of service and collaboration, we are deeply committed to honesty in our opinions of our capabilities and those of others – our network partners or third-party technologies. We are technology-agnostic and will only recommend what works and is cost-effective for our clients and partners.



We are a bunch of curious techno-savvy artisans, always seeking to impress those we serve. Staying curious fans our creativity and innovativeness, generating lasting ideas and imprinting sanguine memories in whatever we do.



Playfulness is our way of testing boundaries and challenging the norms. It is also our way of making communication casual and personal to work better together. We appreciate that a team that plays together stays together. So our people not only work hard but also play hard together and with those whom we work with.



We are not afraid to try the untested and head for the frontiers as ultimately we seek to deliver solutions that must work for our clients and partners. And our clients’ and partners’ successes fuel our zeal for more adventures.



We stay humble in our dealings with people, constantly inviting and welcoming challenges. Our spontaneity to ideas – giving and receiving – serves to perfect every aspect of the work that we do.


As an organisation, we embrace the tribe culture and like the native Red Indians we adore rituals and practices that connect individuals to strengthen the community – we call tribes. Working with a network of partners, bonding closely with our people, clients, partners define and differentiate us clearly from the rest.

As much as the native Red Indians culture resonates with us, the native Red Indians cultural journey also taught us one key lesson which must sink in with all in TRIMIY Digital Agency. That if we do not embrace and harness the power of advancement in technology and tools that come along with it, disruptions to our way of life and threats to our very existence are almost certain.

Therein lies TRIMIY Digital Agency’s purpose of existence which is to help individuals and corporations to stay visible, impactful and agile by discriminately embracing digital technology.