Designing Digital Experience

Designing Digital Experience

Design Mobility

Users are elusive – jumping from web to app and vice versa. User engagements these days have to factor Virtual Mobility of net savvy users.  TRIMIY Digital Agency UX-UI designers are focused on developing eye-catching and consistent brand visuals and interactive engagement tools across platforms and mediums to reach and serve your target audience.

Seamless Integration

Service experience almost always starts from and extends into the digital realms. Our team adopts a lifetime view of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) before we dive into architecting a seamless user experience across devices, time and web or app platforms.

Novel Experience

Novelty goes beyond what’s trending. And is not just about being different. We are unapologetically zealous about creating what is truly yours – and purposeful for your users and stakeholders. Sometimes, it may mean adopting the new. Sometimes it is about optimizing the tried and proven means.

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Boosting Organizational

Data-Driven Organization

Accessing, mining and presenting meaningful “living” and sometimes BIG DATA are new and nascent critical endeavours of every organization serious about competing in this digital age.  We’ll ease your journey in embracing data management and data analytics into your business functions such as eCommerce, marketing and promotions, product development and logistics management.

Software Powered Operations

Productivity – at individual, team and company level – can be tremendously enhanced with the right “mix-use” of software. We’ll identify reliable classes of software that work for your business and build bespoke websites and apps unique to your organization.

Connectivity Across Devices And Systems

Proliferation of SAAS whilst serves businesses well, entails careful planning before any adoption. Our enterprise digital architects flag integration issues and opportunities and develop solutions that connect enterprise systems, platform services and micro-services.